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⏪ REWIND; A Weekend Of Dogs, In Photos, March 29-31 ’19 [Almond’s Latest Life Adventures N° 29]

Hello, Party People! Today I am sharing some photos from a recent weekend, which was filled with dogs! So, obviously it was a very good weekend.

Saturday, March 30th:

On this particular Saturday, my dad, my aunt and I attended an Agility competition in a nearby town. I saw many good boys and girls do a very good job and running faster than I ever could dream of. Even the little ones. Especially the little ones. I also discovered I’m very fond of little poodles, and when I eventually get a dog, somewhere in the future, it will be a little pompous fluffball.

I ate a delicous carrotcake and a burger. Good stuff.

Sunday, March 31st:

On the Sunday I made a new friend. My sister turned 15 on April 1st, so the day before she had her birthday party for her dad’s side. An old family friend attended and he recently got a puppy, her name is Lilo and she was very excited to make friends. She was very keen on playing with my youngest brother, who is almost 13, he on the other hand was terrified because she wanted to bite his feet, so he kept trying to escape her deathly grip, which just made her more excited.

At one point she tried to play with a decorative elephant statue on the floor, it didn’t want to play with her. Sad.

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