⏪ REWIND; Almond’s 21st Birthday

Hello Party People, and Happy Wednesday!

And happy August?! Can you believe it’s August already? Month 8 of 12? I cannot believe this year is moving so fast, though I’m relieved, because this summer has been HELL. Almost literally. It’s way to warm for me and my body and brain. My mental health has been taking an extra toll this summer, I’ve been very exhausted and anxious these past few months, which is why I’ve barely blogged or posted much on social media in general. I’ve been too tired to even exist, and I’ve been in such a bad mood since May. I’m really just holding out and waiting for autumn at this point.

But July has been and passed, and so did my birthday. On July 10th 2018, I, your best Almond, turned 21. This blog has also been online for years now, which is weird. I can’t believe I’m not a 15 year old in 2012 anymore. Shit.

My actual birthday was celebrated with my dad, my aunt, and grandparents at a restaurant. There were food, beer, ice cream, coffee, and gifts, which is all I need for a successful birthday. And my loved ones, obviously. Can’t forget about them…

When the dinner was done and finished, I went home and spent the rest of the evening chilling with Netflix, my cat, and coffee in my new robe. It was a good day.

See Ya!

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