? Almond’s Latest Life Adventures 8.0 // Eddy Edition ?



Hello there, Party People! Today I am showing you all some of the latest photos that I have taken of my cat, Eddy. I have a lot of pictures of him, and he even has his own Instagram page – I know, I’m one of those people – though, it’snot updated as often as I wish it was, simply because I forget to post the pictures I take of him. But I am going to make more of an effort not only with his Instagram, but with my online presence in general, cause I have so much stuff I wanna post and that just never gets posted because I push it forward for too long until I feel like it’s been too long to post it. BUT I am going to make much more of an effort to post things, because social media and blogging is one of my main special interests and is something that makes me extremely happy, and I need to push myself to do more of it, for my own sake.






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