? The First Holiday Decor of the Year ?





A couple of weeks FINALLY started to sell Christmas decorations. I say finally, bcause according to me, the holiday season starts as soon as the first leaf falls. “Almond, isn’t that a little soon?” I hear you say, and the answer to that is no. NO. In this house we don’t take the Christmas decorations out. Chistmas is a lifestyle, not a season, and you know damn well that 10 year old Almond listened to Christmas music in July. That’s how it is.

But these were the first decorations i bought this season, and they’re more “winter decorations” than straight up “Christmas”, which means they can stay up all year without anyone judging me for it. Not that I care about being judged, but some people just need to get off my back and mind their own buisness, you know?

These decorations in perticular, are LED wax figures, which looks like candles, but you don’t need to choose between burning the them, or just keeping them as is, for the #aesthetic.

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