? 06.10.17 // Almond’s Latest Life Adventures #11 ?

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Hello, Party People! Yesterday was a day that start of on the wrong end. I’ve been without some of my medications for a little while, so my mood hasn’t been on top. Talking hurts more than usual and I can’t really seem to sleep properly. I keep walking up in the early hours from anxiety filled dreams, which was the case yesterday morning. After I took my medication I went back to sleep and dozed off for a couple more hours before I woke up and decided it was time to get out of bed. I later on called my dad and we decided to go to the park to play some Pokémon, since I didn’t feel like staying inside all day. I ended up hatching two eggs, and got annoyed cause they didn’t hatch quick enough.

We then decided to go to McDonald’s, neither of us had eaten that day so I ordered some actual food along with my coffee. They got my order a bit wrong, though my dad helped me work it out, and I ended up with one more cheeseburger than I intended.

Than my dad had to drop off a Frisbee at my uncle’s house, so we headed off once again. We ended up spending a few hours at his house, and I spent some time with my cousins. I had a really good time and my day ended up a lot better than how it started.

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