? Mom’s Birthday ?

Hello, Party People! Last week my dearest mother turned 44, so now she’s twice my age! Well, almost, I’m not 22 yet, but in three months she will be twice my age. That means when my mom was my age she was very pregnant, and personally, I feel less ready to be a parent every day of life. We’re all different, I guess.

My mom surprised me on her own birthday by swinging by my home after work and invited me to coffee later on in the evening. I never say no to free coffee, so I took my legs and my feet and walked to her house, were 2/3 siblings had baked for the occasion.

It was a nice little evening, and mom if you’re reading this, which you better be; I love you lots and I’m very happy you are only 44 because that means I get to keep you for longer, and I’m gonna need someone to make my phone calls for me for several years to come.

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