A 44th Birthday

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Yesterday it was my dad’s 44th birthday and I took him out for lunch at a Thai-restaurant in town. After that we went and looked in some stores, my dad was looking for a pizza-slicer, since I have his…

I bought a smaller jar for my espresso, now all I need is an espresso mug, since all my other ones don’t fit under my espresso machine, but I’m gonna get one at Ikea tomorrow.



We also went to an electronics store out of town, so I could buy a printer on offer, because someone bought the last one in our store while we where talking about it. Afterwards we went to a Burger King up on a hill and we got Bkool ice creams, onion rings and I got a latte. I had to get a medium latte, because they don’t have a large one on the menu, which really bothers me. I want a big latte. I mean, when I buy a vanilla latte at Kahl’s they only have one size, and I’m fine with that, so I’m not sure of my problem with Burger King.

Anyways I’m gonna stop ranting about this, and say that once again I’m really bad with words, but I really love my dad and I like spending time with him and I really appreciate him.

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