A Birthday Party & A Dinner


A berry nice birthday cake. I’m sorry…

This Saturday I went to my uncle’s 45th birthday party with my family, and later on I visited my stepdad and ate dinner there.





I had to reset all the settings on my phone while I was at my stepdad’s house, because my phone wasn’t letting me save any photos to my camera roll, not the ones I took or downloaded. My stepdad said it was because my memory was full, but I couldn’t delete anything either, it was really weird, I think I deleted the same photos around 20 times. But every time I selected a couple of pictures to delete I could remove them, but then I couldn’t do anything else. It said I had pictures selected but I couldn’t delete any other ones, or press cancel. All I could do was put the photos in an album.

The problem was still there after I had removed a bunch of apps I didn’t need, so I reset all the settings on my phone, and after that I think I deleted around 800 pictures, so now I can post things on Instagram again, thank god.

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