A Day Full Of Sweetness








Hi there, friends! My day started out with my dad, my grandparents and I went out to a market. I bought some things, including a bunch of safety-pins and gem-stickers. I also bought a stand for my glasses in the shape of an owl, which is my new glasses are proudly going to rest while I get my beauty sleep. And also the donut pictured above, which I unfortunately don’t remember the name of.

Later on when I got home, I changed into my new favourite hoodie that I bought yesterday, which is super soft and cozy. I’ve been feeling very tired and chilly all day, and I think I’m getting a little ill.

But I still walked to a grocery shop, where I bought cat food, and the worlds most disgusting sandwich, that I took one bite out of and then threw away. Then I walked to my mum’s place, since I’m feeding our cat and watering her plants while she is away on a camping trip.

Even later on in the day, I decided at the last minute to join my staff and neighbors into town to a Street Food Market, that I didn’t even know was there. But I some pictures of the things they had and I bought a piece of candy from an Italian shop, but I don’t remember what kind it was, my brain isn’t really helping me, and their website won’t load.

That was all I did today, and I’m planning on spending the rest of my evening in bed with my laptop, a cup of coffee and some gem stones that I’m gonna put on my nails. Good night!

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