A friendly cinema date feat. Deadpool & Mario

//originally posted: sunday, 10 june, 2018, 21:33//

This time a week ago I had barely gotten off a replacement bus from Gothenburg. I went there on Saturday to see my friends and spent the night there. We saw Deadpool 2 at the Cinema, both Erik and I cried at the end of the movie, and Moa told us she didn’t cry, but the both of us saw her tear up in the dark, so you got caught b.

Other than seeing the cinematic masterpiece that was Deadpool 2, we also did things such as;

  • Played Mario Gamer Monopoly, in which Moa and I started a pact against Erik, but at the end of the game it was Erik and me who was in a pact, because Moa kept hiding all of her money under the instructions manual which she had laid on top of the box with the rest of the money. We did NOT approve.
  • Found out that I am surprisingly amazing at Wii bowling, and just as terrible at Mario Kart as I was the last time we played. Ya girl needs some practice.
  • Complain about all the people from Summerburst who got on the same tram as us, at the same time as we, quite fondly, discussed the idea of moving into a house in the woods far away from civilization. We’re not big fans of crowds. Or people in general.
  • Make a HELL of a lot of inappropriate jokes. Though, that was mostly me, actually.

We had fun.

Stay cool.

– Almond

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