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A Mother's Day



Mother’s day was this past weekend here in Sweden, and my siblings and I celebrated our mum with some cookies my sister had baked and some gifts. My mum is doing some triathlon-esque thing, so when my siblings told her she had to be out of the house, she went bike riding for three hours. My sister had called me earlier on in the day and asked me if I could come over for coffee, and of course I said yes (for both my mum and the coffee, obvs.). I realized I only took two somehow post-worthy pictures, which isn’t a lot, but things like this happens sometimes, you know…

And I did write some things about my mum for her birthday not too long ago, so I wont ramble on too much this time, because I’m still pretty terrible with words, and I don’t like to be repetitive, but I still love my mum a lot and I couldn’t even imagine living without her.

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