A trip with no meaning




Emma, why didn’t the trip have any meaning? Because we simply didn’t find what we where looking for. Here’s the story; My grandfather needed a part for his car, and he thought they had it in a store in a nearby town, so my dad drove him and my grandmother there and because I didn’t have anything better to do I came along. But, the store we went to turned out not having the part that they needed, so we drove to another one. Surprise, surprise, they didn’t have it either. So we went back home and ordered the part from a store in our town.


They had plants in the first store.

PICT2433 PICT2434

We also went to McDonald’s for something to eat, and my grandmother ended up spilling parts of her hamburger on her white shirt and I ended up with coffee on my dress cause the lid wasn’t closed properly. Awesome.


I also found a scented pig, so now our whole car smells like apple pie.

I also wanted to tell you guys that I now have a facebook page, so If you wanted to like me that would be fun. The link is in my side bar and here.

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