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A Weekend in Pictures Feb 1 – 3 ’19 [Almond’s Latest Life Adventures N° 25]

Hello Party People and happy Wednesday!

Today I’m here with my photos and stories from this past weekend;

Friday the 1st

I had a very sleepy Friday. I went to work and worked on a painting and after that, I went by the shops to buy some food and snacks for the evening. When I got home at around 3.30 pm, I was so tired that the first thing I did was to hop straight in the shower and then put on my PJs. I spent most of that afternoon in front of my TV and most of that evening in my bed reading.

Saturday the 2nd

My Saturday was a bit more eventful. My mom had decided that she was going to come over and help me clear out and organize my closet. She came over at around 12 in the morning, and a couple of hours, many cups of coffee, a trip to the shops and several bags of clothes donated or thrown out later, I now have a very well organized closet. All thanks to my wonderful mother, I would’ve never done all that alone.

That evening I went with my mom home to eat homemade pizza and watch the first installment of this years Mellodifestivalen with her and her boyfriend.

Sunday the 3rd

My Sunday was a mix of my two previous days, aka very average. I spent my day doing what do best; watch shows, playing games on my phone and cuddle with my cat.

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