Alfons’ 14th Birthday



Yesterday my little brother turned 14. He is now almost as tall as me, even though it feels like he’s still just a small child. A lot of the time it feels weird thinking about the fact that my tiny siblings are growing up, but I don’t think about the fact that I am growing up too. It doesn’t feel too long ago I was 14 and attended the same school as my brother, but it was 4 years ago. My youngest brother, the kid next to Alfons, is 9 and has somehow grown a bit since last year, I still feel like he is just a tiny kid that is just above a meter tall. It’s weird actually realizing that within just a couple of years, at least 2/3 of my siblings will most likely be taller than be, even though I’m not that short. 

Anyways, I think time is a weird concept and people around me growing up and aging confuses me, because I don’t always realize that I am also a human being with a physical form that changes with time. But I would also like to tell you all about my first memory with my brother, he was about a day old, if not less, when I met him the first time. I was four and very curious about this tiny human, so I wanted to join my mother as she changed his dipper. And then it happened, she had just taken the dipper off, and Alfons pooped and peed on our

mum. Yep.




And here you have as an added bonus, the Halloween makeup I did on my brother for his, and my sisters, Halloween party in school. 

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