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Today I posted a little haul video, showing you some beauty items I bought at H&M yesterday. H&M in-store actually carries quite a lot of makeup and beauty brands, that are a little harder to get a hold of in Sweden, especially in store. Quite recently the store in my town has started to carry Sleek products, which I have never seen in person before, though some Swedish online shops sells them as well. They also carry House of Lashes, and last week I bought their eyelash glue, since I can’t find a good one and I always end up using the ones that comes with the lashes, which are just tiny tubes that don’t last very long. But I have to say I’m quite happy with the House of Lashes one, though I will most likely buy some other cheaper glue as well soon, since I use eyelash glue to adhere all the glitter I always wear on my face, and it works great for that purpose.

Today my dad and I went to a second hand store in town, and I bought a couple of things, and I’m thinking about showing them in a post soon.

See ya!

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