Almond’s 20th Birthday


Hey there, friends and enemies. This past Monday, on July 10th, it was my birthday. I turned 20 whole years old, and I am officially not a teenager anymore. Can you believe that? I started this blog around the time I turned 15, so in 2012. It has had a few names since then, though Almondparty has been the one that stuck, and this little tiny space on the internet has been my friend through some of the worst times in my life, and I truly hope I’ll get to share some of the best times, too.



I didn’t do anything too exciting for my birthday this year, I went grocery shopping with my dad, as we do every Monday, and then we went to a park for some coffee drinking and Pokémon hunting. Then I went to drop of my things at home, before I headed over to my mum’s house, for some chatting with her and her boyfriend while she painted their front door black, and later on we ate some home-made pizza and watched TV.




Then I went home to spend some quality time with my cat, and spent the rest of my birthday in front of my laptop. As one should.

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