Almond’s Latest Life Parties 6.0 // Monday, 19.06.17

Hello there, friends and enemies. Summer is here, “finally” even, some may say. Not me, though. The heat is Too Much™ for this Autistic pal, and I’d rather it be a little gloomy, or at least chilly, so I don’t have to suffer. Though, I live in Sweden, so that is the weather half of the summer anyways. But that won’t stop me from complaining. I was outside in the sun yesterday, for about an hour, and even though I was wearing a long-sleeved thin-knit sweater, I still got the first sunburn of the year. On my neck. Like a collar. Super great.

But to the actual point of this post; my siblings had their last day of school last week!. My sister starts Junior High this fall, and one of my brothers starts High School, or at least they start the Swedish equivalents of them, but you know it’s gonna look weird if I throw in some Swedish words in here. My youngest brother starts 5th grade, and I’m not doing anything. I can’t believe my little babies are growing up so fast.

After my sister and youngest brother had their ceremony, My mum, my mum’s boyfriend and my step-dad went to my mum’s house for some coffee and dessert. We also played Kubb, which I was absolutely terrible at. I kept throwing the sticks WAY too hard, and since I have a total of zero general motoring skills, I did not get any better through out the game. At the end I started throwing with my left hand, so I wouldn’t throw as hard. I was almost close to hitting the kubb, then. Almost.

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