Almond’s Latest Life Parties 7.0 – Potatisfestivalen 2017


A good ol’ scenery picture taken in a local park while my dad and I were playing Pokémon Go and drinking coffee.

Hello, friends and enemies. It’s your pal Almond here again, sharing some photos and such from the week/weekend that our town’s annual festival was held on. I was gonna post this last week, but you know damn well that I am a #BadBlogger™ and I’m still trying to follow the schedule I set for myself. Keyword; “Trying”.


Our first Langos of the year.

On the Friday evening, my dad and I went out for a little stroll around the festival and ended up sitting down facing the stage and listening to the performers for a few hours. It was quite peacefull, even with all the people running around. I sat for myself for a while, because my dad had to run an “errand”, and guess what, I didn’t want to start crying even once! I, The Great Almond, sat in a crowd of a ton of people, and I didn’t want to rip my own hair out or punch someone in the face. I know, I’m impressed, too.

We also saw my uncle with his friends in the crowd, and he didn’t see us, so naturally my dad took a creep shot of him to send him. As one does.


My Belgian waffle, as seen on my Instagram.

On the following day, AKA “Saturday”, for those unaware, my dad was with his Frisbee club, helping out in their stand, and I decided to hang out with them and sit on the ground for three solid hours. You see, for an Almond on their ADHD medication, sitting still for three hours actually isn’t a problem, that is, if you look past the fact that I was picking on the skin around my nails for at least two and a half of those three hours. I’ve always had a strong need to keep my hands occupied, in school, I always had my phone on my hands, I also may have played a lot of games on it durring class, because I was bored easily, and being bored is TORTURE.

I don’t know if you’re following along this string of words, but last week I did what I told myself I would never do, and bought myself a fidget spinner. Yep.

After my dad and his pals had packed up their Frisbee things, him and I went our seperate ways, I took a stroll around the stands, bought a Belgian Waffle, sat down on some stairs to eat it, spilled Nutella on my dress, and then went home.





On the last day of the weekend, AKA Sunday, if you still don’t know the days of the week, my dad and I went out for a last Langos, had a bird almost poop on them (it missed), sat down in the sun on the stairs – I bured my neck – and then went home to my grandparents, watched some TV and I took pictures of their flowers. And that was the weekend. I’m sure there was other things that happend, too, like endless Instagram browsings and more “errands”, but I feel like this was what was important, you know?

This was all for me on this fine Tuesday evening, if there is not a new post from me tomorrow, I promise I will step on my own toe. See ya!

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