Almond’s Life Parties 5.0 // Tuesday, 11.04.17

Cinnamon buns, that drew me in with their fancy packaging.

A muffin that I ate when my my mum and sister came to visit me this past weekend.

My coffee for this week, that I once again picked out because of the packaging, and I’m probably going to continue to buy for that same reason.

Hi, friends! Today I went out for coffee with my dad, and we sat and talked about Pokémon while drinking out lattes. That’s usually how it goes. I discovered the amazing Magikarp hat in the Pokémon Go app, and it is my new favorite thing in this universe. Afterwards we went to a grocery store so my dad could buy some Salt and Vinegar chips, and I wanted to check out their makeup section to look for some glitter. I bought a new nail polish which I am now in love with and I want 700 backups so I’ll never run out.

Now I am going to continue this fine Tuesday evening with watching Degrassi, and do some sewing. And drink coffee, but that’s a given. Almond out!

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