Almond’s Summer Adventures 2k19 N° 1 // Burgers For Days

Hello, Party People! Hope you’ve all had a great summer. Today I’ve decided to start a little mini-series about what I got up to this summer since I haven’t really posted anything. I hope you’ll enjoy it!

One Monday my dad, my aunt and I went out for some shopping, and when we were about to leave the parking garage we all felt the smell of donuts. We were all aware of at newly opened restaurant just around the corner so we decided to check it out. We didn’t find any donuts, but we did find burgers and milkshakes and we decided to stay and have dinner there. I was going to get a coffee & milk chocolate milkshake, but they were out of that particular ice cream, so I decided to just go for a latte instead. Unfortunately, my dad and I had to wait quite a while for our burgers because of some sort of mix-up that didn’t really make sense to us. The burger was good, though, even if we had to wait for it. The latte was a little disappointing, it tasted like coffee, but like weak coffee, which was odd. But all in all, we had a good dinner in the sun.
/I also took a picture of the burger, but something went wrong somewhere so I can’t post it./

That same Tuesday we had yet another burger, at yet another newly opened restaurant in town. We sat alone on a rooftop patio and enjoyed our delicious charcoal grilled burgers all alone. Afterward, we went swimming with some friends, which was lovely.

Later that week we went swimming and had a barbeque with those same friends, and it was all-in-all a lovely weeks full of swimming and eating in good company.

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