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Another "from the week" post


On saturday(I think), we shared some pizzas. Three to be exact. And by we I mean, my family and I.


I went out for coffee in town with my gang and had my first Ice Latte of the year. Summer’s in the air.


On wednesday I created this totally wearable look, pefect for summer. Note the sarcasm. Erik tried to tell me he was better at make up and nails than me. I was confused. My friends was confused. Everyone was confused. Moa’s reaction when I told her was “the fuck”. I don’t think he’s right on this one.


My dad and I went on a car ride to my aunt and her boyfriend earlier today, we bought ourselfs ice cream on the ride there.


Our drinks for the day. Ok, maybe dinner. And some before, but I’m getting of track.


Some nice table decorations I felt the need to take a photo of. They where quite photogenic. I like that.


Some of the food we ate. This is meat if you can’t tell. Now you know. You’re welcome.


This is what I ate. It was nice. It tasted good, I got full, it did it’s job.


And at last, a picture I took of my cappuccino while I started my laptop. I like coffee. A lot. Like, a lot, a lot. Coffee and I are in love. But I think you knew that by know. It’s not really a secret.

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