Arvid’s 12th Birthday

Hello, Party People, and Happy Monday!

Not sure how happy this Monday is, though. I’ve been struggeling this evening. Just some technincal difficulties, but frustrating, none the less. I’ve been unable to upload the images for this post for hours, which resulted in me having to upload them via flickr in the mean time. At least until the problem is solved, and I’m able to replace them. 

But that is not what this post is about. This is about the birthday party I attended last Thursday. My youngest brother has his birthday exactly a week after mine, and even though that was over a month ago now, he has not his birthday party with his dad’s side of the family yet. But that changed last week when we all gathered around to celebrate him. The little guy is 12 now. They grow up so fast.

The Food:


We had barbequed meat, salad, regular and potatoe, as the main course, and mudcake, ice cream, crushed hazelnuts, and coffee. No almonds this time. Rude…

I brewed the coffee, which resulted in some people saying that they wouldn’t be able to sleep. I only know how to brew, good, yet very strong coffee. Just how I like it. How I like it.

The Et Ceteras:
The bottom half of my outfit, the one that’s my go-to. I like that shit.

My current nails along with a new, snazzy bag. It glitters. I like that shit.

A gift I got from my amazing brother. It’s an owl. I love that shit.

That was all from me right now, and I’ll see you party people, sometime, when I’m back.


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