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Bagon Community Day [PokéUpdates N° 2]

This past weekend there was a Bagon Community Day in PokémonGo, and my dad, my aunt and I spent some time in some parks and cought many Bagons.

I now have all normal Bagon Evolutions, both Shelgon and Salamence were new in my Pokédex.

I caught 5 shiny Bagons, and I have evolved one thus far, so now I have a shiny Shelgon, too.


My dad didn’t catch any Shiny, so I traded him one of mine for an Arcanine because I didn’t have one yet.

Other than those, I registered two other Pokémons two my Pokédex, one Bronzor and one Spiritomb which was a reward from a Special Research. I also earned a medal for catching 50 dragon-types.

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