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Beef Stew & Roll Cake [Almond’s Latest Life Adventures N° 19]

Hello, Party People and happy Sunday!

Exactly a week ago now, I visited my mom for our bi-weekly family dinner. We ate Kalops aka Swedish Beef Stew, which was one of my favorite things to eat when I was a little younger and still lived at home with my family. We didn’t eat it too often, though, because my mom used to say it took a long time to make because the beef has to boil for like two hours.

My brother had once again baked, this time a roll cake. It was very delicious, which is to be expected from my brother. He’s a great baker.

This time our grandmother joined us for dinner, which was nice, it’s always nice to see her. My oldest brother, he’s not older than me, he’s just the oldest brother, was there too, not very surprising since he still lives at home, but he had to leave early because he had to go buy something before the store closed. Rude.


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