Blue Face


Today after school, my dad and I had a meeting with a teacher, and after that we went to a shopping center to eat lunch and look in some shops afterwards. I obviously forgot to take a picture of the food, but I did take a picture of the coffee. Are you surprised? I’m not. My dad had to do some grocery shopping before we went home, and we also bought some cake thing, made out of gingerbread cookie dough. It’s the most delicious thing I’ve ever eaten and I will buy a hundred more before the season is over.

You also got to see this greatly attractive photo of me in a face mask and glasses. I’ve broken out even worse than I usually do over the past couple of months. Ironically enough, cleaning my face more regularly has not made it better, in fact I think the toner I use may have something to do with the extra spots. I’m going to stop using it and see if anything happens, and I will also try to find a new one.

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