Carmex is more painfull than vaseline tho

Photo on 2012-12-03 at 19.05 #2

Excuse my face but I was pissed of because the lighting was being a dick. This morning I came to this Short-term-living-place, I’m really not sure what it’s called. but I’m here. I have long fake nails on right now and my lips are relly dry so my mum bought me a tub of carmex. Speaking of my nails(I’m so good att changing the topic), guess what this nail represents:

Photo on 2012-12-03 at 19.05 #3

If you guess wrong I don’t wanna play with you anymore. If you know what I mean;) Wha am I talking about, I don’t even know what I mean,  just thought that, Oh who am I kidding I don’t know what I meant or what I thought.

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