Celebrating Mom’s 43rd Birthday With Hot Dogs & Kubb

Hello there, Party People, and happy Monday!

It’s been awhile since I actually posted something, but I’m not here today to talk to you about my incompatibility to keep up with my own special interests, aka the only thing on this hell-earth that keeps me breathing. I am here to share the photos of my mom’s birthday celebration. Which was three weeks ago, yes, but that is NOT important.

We had some hot dogs, which was neat.

We had what I think was a cookie cake for dessert, I honestly didn’t ask, I just ate it and cried because it was so good, and I was about to go on a “diet”.

She got some gifts, such as this ring…

…I also took some photos of my siblings!

We played some kubb together, and I don’t remember the results, which realistically means that my team lost and I have repressed that because I hate losing.

I did also take some photos of some various flowers and such, which may be posted to an almondparty.com near you relatively soon.

That’s been all from me today, See Ya!


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