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Celsius Watermelon [Drink Reviews N° 1]

Happy Wednesday, Party People!

Today I am here with my first drink review, a little series I planned on starting months ago, but since I am the Queen of Procastinating™, that never happened. But I’m doing it now, and hopefully I can stick to it, and maybe I’ll even pick some of my old series back up. Who nows? All I can say is; get ready for some regular Almond content on ALL the platforms.

But to the review:

This Monday while doing my weekly grocery shopping, I picked up one or two energy drinks that everyone in Sweden drinks, and I want to see what it’s all about, you know?

One of them, and the one I’ll be talking about today, is Celsius, this one in particular is the Watermelon one, since that one is the one I’ve been finding the most intriguing, and as everyone knows, watermelon is God Tier fruit.

I don’t have much to say about it, maybe that’s because my review skills are pretty basic at the moment, maybe this product just didn’t provoke very strong emotions in me. Never the less, here we go.

This drink tastes 100% like watermelon bubblegum. Imagine the watermelon bubblegum you can get in those coin machines at the mall and stuff in carbonated drink-form, and that is this, spot on.

I didn’t particularly dislike it, but I didn’t love it either. Therefor it gets 3/5 bitmojis from me, and an overall Okay stamp.

As a bonus, you’re all getting a look at me this week so far. If you want more of these irregular AND irrelevant updates from yours truly, hop on over to my Instagram and watch my story! That’s we’re the magic happens.

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