Chapter Thirty–Seven: Fortune and Men’s Eyes [Riverdale Recaps & Thoughts]

Proceed with caution, once entered there is no going back... *SPOILERS AHEAD*
Entry Written: Thursday, 26.11.18
Contains traces of strong language and questionable grammar.

“What we’re looking at here is the true face of evil” a sentence that has been said, or at the very least thought, so many times before. Especially here, in Riverdale. But many things, many people can be considered evil. Truly evil, even. Like a father putting a bullet between his son’s eyes, for wanting to run away with his love, instead of inheriting the family business with all it’s horrors. Evil, like an all American father turning into a serial killer, when the horrors of his own past surfacing after a one simple yet powerful sentence was uttered by his daughter. Many things can be evil, yes. But how many things can be truly evil?

What is going on? I have never been so concerned, yet equally as intrigued at the same time. I’m not sure I want this show to take a supernatural turn, especially not this late into the show, though I am also not sure that that is what is happening, and everything may have a logical and completely natural explanation in the end, like with Bettys “hallucination”.

Speaking of, I do not remember the name of Edgar’s daughter, but I do know that I do NOT like her, even a little bit. She seems so very sketchy, and the way she introduced herself to Betty was just so uncomfortable and intrusive. She knew things she had no right to, and she also seemed very aware of how uncomfortable she was making Betty, which angered me. And the way she just stood there when Ethel was having her seizure? Not okay. I mean, I’m not the biggest Ethel Muggs fan, but that shit was weird. My theory is that the Gargoyle king is somehow connected to the farm, and Betty said that seizures aren’t contagious, but it still seemed like a weird coincidence, and seizures themself aren’t contagious, but drugs can induce seizures, and can be spread around…

And what happened that night with the parents when they were young? Exciting

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