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Chapter Thirty-Six: Labor Day [Riverdale Recaps & Thoughts]

Proceed with caution, once entered there is no going back... *SPOILERS AHEAD*
Entry Written: Thursday, 05.11.18
Contains traces of strong language and questionable grammar.

The new season of Riverdale has kicked off, lets get started…

Hiram Lodge. A lot can be said about that man. None of them good. And if they are good, the person behind them have likely been paid, or realistically, blackmailed. Hiram is a man, with more enemies than friends. The friends he has are just colleagues, people who – for good reason, I am sure – fear him enough to not defy him, to always stay on his good side. He has a family, but he is no family man. He has a wife, who describes herself as a prisoner.

Hermione has done many things wrong, she is after all the wife of a mobster, and with that, one herself. But she is in no way evil, words that cannot be said about her husband. I believe she knows her only true way out of her prison is for captures’ death. I’ve many times asked myself why she doesn’t leave, especially now, a whole summer after Archie’s arrest, and now his conviction. But the answer you see, is simple; She wouldn’t make it out alive.

Veronica. Veronica is the one person who Hiram has loved, and who loved him in return. His daughter. But when he was arrested and convicted, her whole world was turned upside down. Sure, many good things came out of it and she came out stronger, but her relationship with her father did not. He turned out to be the person everyone said he was; a cold blooded criminal. He couldn’t keep Archie wrapped around his finger, so now he’s getting his revenge. Or is he? Will we ever really know Hiram’s reasoning for his actions?

And who turned Polly into a snake? Polly, Polly, Polly… I do not what the farm exactly did to you, but they did not heal you. They did not heal your mother, nor will they heal Betty.

Who exactly is Edgar and how did he turn Alice, the same Alice who threw a brick at a window and cleaned up and hid the corpse of a man who had his skull crushed in her living room, into a hippie who all of a sudden doesn’t hold grudges anymore? I want my queen of grudges back.

I’m ready for the gang of super dads to save Archie and make Hiram Lodge pay. Preferably with his life. His soul may be immortal, but he is but a man. And men can be cut own like weed, but his soul cannot be saved either way. No matter how he dies.

Bonus Thoughts:

Are sleeves forbidden in the Serpent camp? Or is that just a part of their summer wardrobe, and they have a stash of flannels with their sleeves still intact for the cooler months? Who am I kidding we know they do. That and their snazzy matching jackets. Like a bowling team. Or the Pink Ladies.

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