Coffee, Cinnamon Buns and Pokémon


Hi there, buddies! This picture is from when my stepdad and two of my siblings came to visit me and Eddy (my cat) this past Thursday. We had coffee and cinnamon buns, and we talked about Pokémon Go. I actually went out to play with my sister earlier today, and we meet my mum and her boyfriend, and my youngest brother and his friends in the park. I finally caught enough Poliwags to evolve a Poliwhirl to a Poliwrath, which is exciting.

It’s getting colder outside, and as someone who is always cold, it’s definitely time to start wearing leggings again, and I have discovered that I have three pairs of full-length leggings, and two of them have holes around the inner thigh area, which isn’t super convenient if you ask me. In one of the pairs the hole is so big that my thighs still chafe when I wear them. It’s definitely time to buy a new pair.

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