Diggiloo 2016






Hi there, pals! Last Sunday, my family and I attended the Diggiloo show in our town. For those of you that are not Swedish, and don’t know what Diggiloo is, it’s a bunch of Swedish artists who go on tour together and put on a big show with both a lot of covers and some of the artist’s original songs. They’ve done this for quite a few years, and we’ve been twice before, and it’s really fun

Music has always been a very big part of my life, and is one of the things I could never live without. Music really helps me with my anxiety, and all of my other negative emotions, which I unfortunately have a lot of. During the show I felt really happy and content, even though I had been really anxious earlier that day. The weather was bad, but there was such a great atmosphere and I just felt really happy, and it made me wish I was able to go see more music live.

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