Don't Stop

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKfzMOC19Fc]


Somtimes I sit myself down and wonder; Why do I like this band? I never come up with a good answer, so I just continue liking them. But sometimes I think I can relate a bit to them, they sometimes do things I feel like my friends and I would do. Like that one time Michael tried to unlock a door with his dick. I have a feeling at least one of my friends would try the same method.

But anyways, about the video. The song’s great and I love me some superheroes. It’s a great combination. I liked the part where Luke got beat up by an old lady. That’s me as an old lady. The part when Ashton tried to use the gym equipment was funny too. That was obviously me at the gym. I’m not very good at gymming. Or any kind of exercie, really.

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