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This was a magical day that will go down in history. I mean, I did discover two things that changed my life forever. A little bit. My dad and I was going to go to McDonald’s, but there was a lot of people there, so we decided to go to Max, which for all you non-Swedish people out there, is a hamburger chain, kind of like  McDonald’s or Burger King. And then the magical happened, they had not only onion rings, but they also sold ice lattes. I know, I know. I had to take a moment to breathe. We’ve been there quite a few times in the last few weeks, nothing I’m sad about of course.


This is from one of the three times my neighbors, my staff and I have had ice cream and strawberries.


One day my stepdad and my siblings came over for some coffee, and also gave me a lot of noodles.


Last week I payed a visit to my grandparents to borrow their printer, and we ate ice cream with berries.



These pictures was going to have a friend with them of the pie we ate for dessert. but I had put my camera in my bag inside, and I tried to take a picture with my dad’s phone, but when I looked at it on my computer it was way too small, I even tried putting it in the post, but it didn’t fit.

But to the story, my dad and I went to visit my aunt and her boyfriend, and we ate some grilled chicken wrapped in bacon. It was great and it was nice to see them.


Yesterday my dad and I went on a spontaneous shopping center in a town near us, and he needed something to eat, so he ate and I had a vanilla latte and a piece of carrot cake.


And last but not least, today my sister and I went out for some ice cream, we also looked in some stores and it was very nice to have some alone time with her.

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