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Emma’s Latest Coffee Adventures 16.0 – The Mini Version



A little while ago, we, my housing and I, had a waffle night with another housing we see sometimes. We ate waffles and drank coffee, and I, of course, took several photos of the waffles and the coffee, lots more that didn’t make the cut. It’s always like that though, isn’t it?


Last week, I had a doctor’s appointment, and when I was done I had to wait 20 minutes for the next bus back, so I went into the nearby gas station and bought a Latte and a Cinnamon bun. I ended up having quite the adventure that day, because I had talked with my grandparents, that means that my dad talked with them for me, and we were possibly going to a second hand shop that day, but my grandfather wasn’t feeling well, so we couldn’t do it. But I was feeling very brave for some reason, and decided I was going to take the bus, all on my own. That probably sounds strange, but I really dislike most public transportations, and especially busses, and even more so, the ones in my own town. I’m fairly used to taking trains and trams, even though I still do get very anxious if I take the wrong one or have to take a new one. But there’s just something about busses that I really dislike. But I did it, I took the bus at 13.20 and when I was one it, and looking at the app on my phone, I realised there was no bus back until 16.10. But I walked in and when I was finished I called my dad to see if he could drive me home, which he couldn’t. He works nights so he had to sleep for a little bit longer, and my grandparents still had his car. So I had to walk home. Luckily my things weren’t too heavy, I had only bought clothes and some textile items that I’m gonna resew. But the walk home wasn’t too bad, it took me 35 minutes, and with no anxiety at all. I’m actually quite proud of myself for making it the whole day without any anxiety, even when things didn’t go as planned.


This was the day after, and I had a dentist appointment. This day didn’t start as well as I would’ve liked it, I had decided to take the bus again, but this time I missed it by a minute, as I saw the bus drive past the stop as I walked towards it. So, I had to hurry up and walk anyways. I did make it in time though, and all went well afterwards. I called my dad again to see if he could drive me home, which this time, he could. I went over to McDonald’s across the street and bought a Latte while I waited.

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