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Emma’s Latest Coffee Adventures 17.0



On the Monday of Easter break, my stepdad came to my apartment and helped me hang up a mirror on my wall. He also tried to hang up a little hanging basket, but there was some trouble with the wall, and he needed some special screws for that. He did also magically fix my vacuum cleaner, it had been doing a very bad job at vacuuming for a while, and there had been around five or six different people looking at it at different occasions, but we couldn’t figure out what was wrong. First we thought that the bag was full, but even after changing it, it wasn’t doing it’s job. He held it for like, five seconds, and then it was working perfectly again. If I remember correctly there was something stuck in the tube, which no one else could find, but he did. Because he’s THAT person. He is very good at handiwork and that side of the craftsmanship spectrum, which is the only one I haven’t really ventured into yet, I’ve only done some smaller things, like this past summer when I built some of my own wire baskets, which I am planning to do some more of, and I also have an idea for a nightstand that I want to do at some point in time. Maybe I’ll do it this summer.

We also talked over some coffee, which is supposed to be the main point of this post, but you know, I ramble.


This was also from the Easter break, and I had gone into the shopping centre and bought a banana keychain/bag charm, and a little sterling silver ring that I found in the sale. I actually almost exclusively buy sterling silver jewelry, since I am allergic to nickel, and I am trying to get better at choosing quality over quantity and only buying things that I really want, and not just because they are cheap.


I do honestly not remember the context of this particular coffee adventure, only that I was with my dad.


This was yesterday, and I had just bought dry shampoo, and I bought these to have something to do while I waited for my dad to pick me up so we could go to yet another grocery shop, and I had to go to that one and not the one I was already at because I needed to go to their pharmacy as well.

That was all my coffee adventures this time, I’ll be back soon with something else, see you then!

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