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Emma's Latest Coffee Adventures 7.0


 A few weeks ago we celebrated my uncle’s birthday. There was also dinner, not just cake.


My dad and I shared a pizza and drank Vanilla lattes, sounds like an odd combo, I know. But it works surprisingly well.


More lattes and also some shortbread and card games.


Even more lattes(I know, I know…), this time with Subway.


My sister turned 11 in the beginning of April(the 1st to be exact), and we celebrated that with coffee and cakes/buns/cookies. Like the good(I mean amazing) sister that I am I gave her a  Frozen desktop wallpaper(that’s what it’s called right? If not Google lied to me). The person in the store wrapped it in Owl paper. I asked for the paper back after she opened the gift. I’m going to frame it.


This weekend my Grandfather turned 70, which of course had to be celebrated. So that we did, and we had food and pie. And coffee. Obviously.

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