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Emma's Latest Coffee Adventures 6.0


Last Thursday in school, Moa and I talked about going to McDonald’s across the street from our school, so she could get Ice cream and I could get coffee. So after school we went there and as you can see I also got a cheeseburger, because I was a bit hungry and I knew it would be a while until I could get home and eat.


Before I got on my train home I stopped by Starbucks and got  A venti Vanilla Latte with two extra shots. The barissta asked me if I was going to sleep that night. I was. And I did.


This weekend, my mum and siblings came over to try to put a bookshelf together and do drink some coffee. Well, my siblings didn’t get coffee.

I know there’s been a few of these recently, but I haven’t really done much and I guess I’m making up for not posting an ELCA for 6 months. But I will try my best to take pictures of some of the things I’ve bought, and maybe I’ll get something else up, too!

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