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Last weekend, my mum and I met up and I went with her to a shop so she could try on and buy a wetsuit. I also needed to buy a new bottle of dry shampoo. I always bought Batiste and a specific store in town sold the 15o ml bottles for less than 35 SEK (around 3,5 Euros) and the other shops, like Kicks(pretty much Ulta) sells the big 200 ml bottles for around 70 SEK (7 Euros) and here’s to my favourite part, they now, or at least for the moment, sell the big bottles for 35 SEK.

And here’s for another amazing side note, the last time I bought a bottle, instead of just taking my normal pink bottle that my eyes where automatically drawn o the first time, because pink, I took a closer look and found a coconut scented one. If you didn’t know (which you probably didn’t because I haven’t told you) coconut has pretty much been my signature scent since I was 15. 14 even.  I got this coconut perfume for Christmas one year and I’ve practically been wearing it since. I just took a break from it for a bit a while back, because my bottle was almost out and I didn’t know where else to buy it other than Gekås, that one retail store over 2 hours away that I go to some times. But last year I found it at the same place as I buy the dry shampoo and now I wear it none stop.

Now for the actual story behind the picture, after we had bought the dry shampoo and my mum had bought the wetsuit we went to a little café thing in connection to a grocery shop, because I hadn’t eaten anything yet. I had a Starbucks coffee and a little Ostkaka. That’s translated to cheesecake, but it is most definitely not the kind of cheesecake you’re thinking about. Unless you’re thinking about the Swedish kind, then you are indeed right.


Before I met my mum the day before, she had been at my uncle’s family’s house and they had given me a ticket for a free drink at Espresso House, so naturally I went there for an Ice Latte the next day. And let me tell you this, This was the best damn Ice Latte I’ve ever had. Ever. It was amazing, go try it.


Two days ago my sister and step dad came for a visit and we ate this ball things with peanutbutter and Rice Krispies. They where good. My step dad and I drank coffee and my sister drank carbonated water. Those are the only two options in my house.

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