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Emma's Latest Coffee Adventures 9.0 feat. Something Out of The Ordinary


I honestly don’t even remember how long ago this was, but anyways… I had to go for a routine checkup at the dentist, because I have braces so it’s necessary. But we’re not talking about my teeth today, we’re talking about all the coffee I drink. Soo, after the dentist I got a latte (probs vanilla) and what was the first thing I ate that day, an apple and caramel muffin. It was awesome.


I was having a bad day, and as we all know, the way to make my heart happy, is with coffee. So, I bought myself an ice latte.


This is the first thing out of the ordinary, on one of the last day of school, we had Afternoon Tea in our English class. So this is tea, I chose a tea called Prince of Wales, which I chose because that would be me as a tea. I also had a lot of cake, which was what our teacher insisted on calling them, while I insisted on calling them buns. It was one of those big buns that you slice as a cake.


My dad and I decided to go and get coffee and sundaes and coffee from McDonalds, and I thought, Why not sit outside? It’s sunny and it’s almost summer. It should be nice. Well guess what? I was wrong. It was fucking windy and cold out. But against all odds, we got us through the cold and rough weather (no exaggeration here).


To celebrate my siblings and I finishing school for the year, we had some coffee and cake with some grandparents. As in my mum’s mother and my stepdad’s parents.


Every year in the beginning of the summer, there is a festival in town to celebrate potatoes. I’m serious. The guy who made potatoes popular in Sweden was from where I live, so we celebrate it. We even have a bust-statue of him at our town-square. But to the picture, my dad and I bought donuts, and they where great.

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