Emma’s Latest Music Adventures 1.0

Today I am starting a new series, which is going to focus on the music I’ve been listening to lately. This is the first part and will be sort of an introduction to the music I like and what I have been listening over the past couple of months. The introduction will come in at least two parts, possibly more, but I haven’t decided fully on that yet. Some of these are old favourites that have released new music, and some are just new artists to me. So here we go:

The first album I’m going to talk about is Badlands by Halsey. I discovered her way back, before she was even signed. I saw someone on Tumblr who had reblogged her song Ghost that had been posted on Soundcloud. I basically fell in love with her music right away, and I’ve been following her ever since. She is probably one of my favourite humans in the world, and she is the main inspiration for my current haircut. So, thanks. But back to the point, I was over the moon when she announced her album, and even further up when it was released.

“…I’m headed straight for the castle, they wanna make me their queen…”

Castle, is the first song on the album, and also my favourite, it makes me picture myself fighting in some sort of dystopian world, saving it some how. It makes me want to fight and punch cruel men.

“…But for now let’s get away, for a Roman Holiday…”

If Castle is my first favourite, the rest of the album, is my second favourite. I’ve always had a hard time choosing favourites, it feels like too much commitment involved in doing so. But I love this album, and it’s is one of my all time favourites. For sure.

I first heard of Little Mix, back in 2012, when Perrie and Zayn started dating. They hadn’t released their first album yet, but when they did, around the same time that One Direction released Take Me Home. Last week they released their third album, Get Weird, and it has been playing in my speakers since.

“… I got the recipe, and it’s called Black Magic…”

Black Magic, was the first single off the album, and also one of my favourite songs on it.


“…Why can’t I kiss you on the dance floor?..

Secret Love Song, Pt II is also one of my favourite songs of the album, even though all the songs are great. The two songs are really quite different, Black Magic is a really poppy upbeat song about going to extremes to get what you want. Even though the concept itself, using black magic to get someone to love you, sounds quite dark, this song isn’t. I saw a tweet before I listened to the album, about Secret love song, Pt. II being a LGBTQIA anthem, and that got me really interested (and slightly emotional) I really do love this song.

That my friends, was it for today, I’ll see you soon!

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