Emma’s Life Adventures 2.0


My dinner that I ate with my dad and grandparents.


My McFlurry that I decided wasn’t worth it because it’s not different enough from a Sundae.




Some pictures from when I had dinner with my family.

Hi there again! Today I’m showing you some pictures from a couple of weeks ago, I have pictures from my brothers confirmation and my school trip to show you, which I’m gonna try to get up this week.

I have been feeling a little bit better lately, and I’m trying my best to be in school the last couple of days. I’ve also started sewing my graduation dress which I’m very excited about.

I would tell you more, but I honestly don’t remember much, and the things I do remember I want to save for their own posts. But I will try my best to get my other posts up this week, so I will see you soon!

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