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Coffee and dogs, from when my dad and I hanged out with his friend who was dog-sitting.


My food from when my dad and I went to a shopping center in a town a bit from ours.

Hi! These pictures are from almost a month ago, I think, but they have been sitting in my folder since then, so I figured I’d post them now, while I talk about something else. Not sure what exactly I’m gonna talk about though, but here we go.

Yesterday I joined my staff and neighbors for a walk for the first time in ages, since I had to pick up my medication from the pharmacy. Though that route, and stopping by some stores made the walk a lot longer than it usually is. My neighbor was going to buy a bracelet in a big grocery shop, and she put it on her wrist while we were walking around, Except when she went to pay for her stuff she forgot about the bracelet and to pay for it. But she did notice it when we were standing outside, so she went back into the shop and payed.

Today I had to go buy toilet paper and coffee, because I forgot to buy those things while doing my weekly shopping on Monday. How I forgot to buy coffee is so strange, though. Not sure how that happened and I’m not sure I want to know. Let’s not talk about that moment ever again.

I also bought a scratch ticket, which I didn’t win on, which is too bad, so sad, I know. I know…

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