Emma’s Outfit Adventures 2.0 – Gold ‘n’ Berry

Hiii! Today I’m here with the outfit post I said I was going to do last week, see I can actually keep my promises at times. Surprise! But in all honesty this outfit feels kind of boring now that I’m actually posting it. Maybe I’ve just started at these pictures for too long. Probably.

I’m wearing a berry-coloured, fine knit cardigan and a gold, even finer knit dress, with shiny gold threads. You know what kind I’m talking about. The threads are more prominent in real life, by the way. My beloved bag is along with the dress and cardigan, second-hand finds. I feel like half of my wardrobe(the part that I actually wear) is second-hand these days. The leggings are actually men’s long-johns that I bought yesterday, they had a pair for women that looked pretty much the same, but I decided that the men’s pair fit me higher in the waist, which they kinda do, but I am also experiencing short legs for the first time in my life, which is strange, both because I usually have the opposite experience with leggings and pants, and because men’s bottoms usually have longer legs. Maybe I’ll just buy the women’s pair as well, they where cheap and as someone who 100% of the time wear skirts or dresses, I can’t really have to many leggings. 

And at last, here is as promised, how I wear the hair-clip I bought last week. See you next time!

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