Emma’s Outfit Adventures 5.0 – And The Rain, It Came Too Soon


This is me when I realized I was out of frame and had to run in front of the camera before the shutter went off.




Hey there my dudes, my buddies, my pals… Today I got out of bed at 2 pm, as per usual. I really do need to get better at not sleeping until The Normals™ go to bed. Okay that’s a bit of an exaggeration, I highly doubt that normal people go to bed at 2 pm. I also don’t stay up that late, I’m usually trying to sleep at around 2 am, which I know is pretty late but that’s still not an excuse for me to sleep that long. Like, I do most definitely not need 12 hours of sleep a day. That’s too much.

But tomorrow I’m going to a flea market with my dad and grandparents, and we’re leaving at around 10.30 am, so I cannot sleep til 2 pm. YAY at being forced to get your shit together.

But today I went out for some coffee with my dad, and after that we went to a grocery shop, because I needed new batteries for my fairy lights. I also bought some cherries and I sprayed some of the Ariana Grande Ari perfume on myself, and I really liked it. Though I am planning on buying some perfumes from the Demeter Fragrance Library to mix my own scent, and I’m also planning on making it into a video, whenever it happens.

But, my top is from Gina Tricot, though I’m fairly sure they don’t sell it anymore, since I bought it in like, November or December of last year. My skirt is second hand, and my bag I bought from Åhlens three years ago. My shoes are new, but I’m not sure on the brand.

But that was all from me today, and I’ll see you soon again!

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