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Fresh Spring Rolls w/ The Fam [Life Adventures N° 16]

Happy Wednesday, Party People!

How’s your day been? personally I got out of bed at uhhhh…. Way too late… Then I went to two local second-hand stores and bought some neat books. Including, Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix in English, a Sherlock Holmes compilation and the whole Hunger Games trilogy, the latter two in Swedish. I’m very pleased.

Then I came home, got very stressed and anxious because I had to do laundry, but I did not have the energy to do that today. But, I changed my clothes, took my sheets of my bed and gathered the rest of my laundry, all while very anxious and stressed, went to the laundry room, filled up the washing machine and realised I was out of laundry detergent. So I went back to my apartment and called my dad to help me solve this rather critical issue, which he did. Thank God for parents. In this case, my parent helped my talk to my staff over the phone, instead of me doing it in person. I struggle a lot with social interaction in general, but asking for things I’ve always struggled a little extra with, and my very anxious state did not help me in this. But, I was able to do my laundry and now I have clean socks, so that’s neat.

That was not actually what I was going to talk about, because that was our family dinner, that this past week took place in my grandmother’s apartment. We ate fresh spring rolls, which is a newly discovered dish for my family, and me too. My siblings ate it when they were in Stockholm with my step-dad.

I was a little caught of guard by the whole thing, not really by the dish itself, but because I was unprepared about having to touch the food. Food is a whole big issue for me, and has been for several years, but something I struggle with a lot is touching food. It’s a little bit better these days, but usually that’s because when I do touch food, like eating burgers and fries, it’s on my own terms and with a handful of napkins accompanying me. This was a little different, though my mom made my first roll for me, and when I got a little bit more used to it, I only needed someone to wet the paper for me.

In the end though, I was happy. I got to eat good food that I didn’t have to make myself and I got to spend time with my family. The only downside is that my phone died when I wanted to take a cute selfie outside, and then it was raining when I walked home. This weekend I have two birthday parties to attend, so that means even more spending time with family and eating food I didn’t have to cook. Yay!

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