Friday, 11th of November 2016


A photo from when I saw my friends in Gothenburg a few weeks ago.


A photo I took of the moon yesterday, while my dad and I was playing Pokémon Go.

Hi friends! I really haven’t done that much this week, not that I ever do much, but you know. I bought yet another bag, and it’s quite small, which is actually my preference when it comes to bags, but I am also somewhat of a hoarder, and tend to lug around a bunch of stuff that I never use. I actually bought another cardigan this week, even though I said I wouldn’t. Though, I really do like it and I’m glad I bought it. It is second hand, so I didn’t spend a whole lot of money on it was my only chance to get it, really. I’ve also caught up on some TV shows, and I am now watching Elementary from the start again, which is, if you didn’t know, my favourite show.

I’ve started thinking about and planning out my planner system for the new year, and I am about 95% sure I am doing something Harry Potter themed.

I am now going to spend the rest of evening watching shows and taking it easy, gonna drink some coffee, and maybe do a face mask. See ya!

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