Halloween 2015

Hi! Today is Halloween and even though it’s not even 10 pm, I’ve already left the Halloween party the housing was having, I started to get a bit mentally exhausted and anxious, so I decided to head back in to my apartment before it got too bad. But I did take some pictures and the first one I am showing you is a picture of my makeup, I wanted to go for a skull, but I never went for a test run, like I meant to, so when it didn’t turn out so realistic I decided to go with it, and improvise a bit. I never took a picture of my outfit, but I wore a dark blue velvet button-up and a dark blue skirt. And grey leggings, but that is not that exciting.

We had punch, which was some strange mix between blue and green soda, that did not actually mix that well. It was nice though.

Some of the decorations.

And at last, my cupcakes. I intended on decorating them more, but we didn’t have all the things I needed, so I ended up just putting a pumpkin-shaped candy on every cupcake. The muffin itself was a little bit dry, most likely since I did not fully follow the recipe, but they were totally edible. But that was it for me today, see you next week!

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