I can't find my eyelash glue


It really bothers me because I don’t know where it could be if I didn’t pack it with me yesterday. Oh well, I’ll hopefully find it tomorrow. I’m also going to a family party to tomorrow, that’ll be fun. I haven’t really done anything today. Got out of bed at one, had breakfast and coffee, stayed in pj’s for like two hours. Showered, stayed in towel for a long time. All this at the same time as I was on the internet. Except for the showering. My laptop’s not waterproof. Then I got dressed and at some point did my makeup. I also did this while being on the internet. Now when it’s getting late, I kind of regret putting on makeup, ’cause now I have to remove it. I know I could just not remove it and take care of it tomorrow, but I’ll regret that aswell. There’s just no win-win in this.

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