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Long Time, No See






Last week was not very good for me. I was out of one of my medications, and I kept forgetting to renew my prescription, which resulted in the week being a hell for me. Not only did I barley get any sleep, but I had some really intense mood swings and I couldn’t stop crying and yelling and then all of the sudden be fine again for a while. But I have them now, and I’m sleeping better.

I’m still really struggling with going to school, I’m on a part time permitted sick leave, but I still find it difficult to even get there at all. I keep telling myself that I’m gonna go, but then it’s the morning again and I can’t seem to get myself out of bed. And it doesn’t help that when I actually do leave the bed a couple of hours later I can’t seem to remember why I didn’t go, because it’s all so blurry for me. Though, I’m gonna make myself go a few times before the school year is over, since I am technically graduating in a month.

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